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Upholstery cleaning servicesSteam cleaning your sofa is the best thing you can do to preserve the aesthetic appearance and freshness of your favourite furniture. Cleaners Enfield is a leading upholstery cleaning company in EN1, London and our teams are equipped with the latest tools and natural cleaning products that easily remove all kinds of dirt, spores, dust mites, bacteria and grime from all types of upholstery. Steam cleaning is currently the best professional cleaning method and it will certainly clean your upholstery on the deepest level.

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Re-upholstering is very expensive and you can look at cleaning as a cheaper alternative of that. Steam cleaning is much better method than dry cleaning, because we don’t have to use strong chemicals which aren’t eco-friendly and can easily damage the upholstery. The residue left from those chemicals can also cause allergies and affect the health of your entire family, but there are no such problems with the steam cleaning technique!

Our EN1 teams prefer to use a multi-stage steam cleaning method that can be used on carpets as well.

The stages are the following:

  • Vacuuming
  • Spraying the sofa with a stain remover
  • Rinsing the stains with biodegradable cleaning detergents
  • Running the steam cleaning machine
  • Re-treat strong stains if needed
  • Deodorise the upholstery

This approach can be used on just about any sofa type, because it won’t damage even the finest and most sensitive fabrics like linen, suede, silk, velvet, Indian cotton etc.

The experienced cleaners we employ take care of the materials and are careful not to damage them with harsh chemicals. All of the products we use are manufactured by “Prochem” and are 100% eco-friendly, anti-allergic and safe. After we are done with the steam cleaning, we will remove any moisture so your upholstery won’t be left soggy. You will be able to use them immediately after our treatment.

The lack of moisture eliminates the risk of distension and fabric shrinking. Our cleaning teams are equipped with a portable, powerful drying fan which will dry any sofa in a short time period. Usually, steam cleaning removes most stains, but in case there are any left we will treat them again. However, stains that don’t perish from the second cleaning are classified as permanent and we will not be responsible for them.

We also apply the special “Scotchgard” protection application which reduces the chances of permanent stains. Applying similar protection to your sofa and having it regularly cleaned is the key to prolong its life and keep its good looks for a long time. This service is included in the price, there is no extra charging.

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Benefits of a Professionally Cleaned Upholstery

  • Healthier Living Space: By getting your upholstery professionally cleaned, you will improve the looks and condition of your entire property. You and your family members will be able to enjoy a healthier living atmosphere.
  • Extended Furniture Life: A regular professional upholstery cleaning will not only make your pieces look a lot better, but also help extend their lifespan.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: You will be able to enjoy your upholstered furniture looking its best for longer.

Innovative Upholstery Cleaning in Enfield, EN1

Restoring your furniture to its former glory is an essential part of its maintenance. Cleaners Enfield has perfected upholstery cleaning in Enfield. Dive into our realm, where every upholstery piece receives the professional treatment, it deserves.

Why Trust Our Enfield, EN1 Upholstery Cleaning Process?

Upholstery is more than just furniture to sit on. It is a place where we spend quality time, create memories and it is often a statement piece in any home. This is why, in our EN1 company we go thorugh a detailed process in order to provide you with the exceptional results you deserve.

Advanced Cleaning Technology

We always use some of the best tools and products available on the market in order to deliver high quality final results to all of our customers.

Expertly Trained Professionals

The professionals that will be performing your cleaning service are experienced local EN1 cleaners which have an abundance of skills and knowledge. They will do their best to satisfy your needs and exceed your expectations.

Eco-Friendly Solutions

We care about out planet. This is why we always utilise eco-friendly, non-toxic and biodegradable cleaning solutions and techniques that will work hard against stains, dirt and germs but will not harm you or your loved ones.

  1. Initial Inspection: This first step will help us analyse and understand the materials of your upholstery and select the best, most efficient cleaning technique for your project.
  2. Dirt and Stain Assessment: We will identify the stains and their origin and use the most appropriate stain removal to use on them. The product will help dissolve them.
  3. Choosing The Right Cleaning Agent: We will select the most suitable cleaning product for the issue at hand and prepare the actual cleaning process.
  4. Deep Cleanse with Advanced Machinery: Deep cleaning will come in next. Our professionals will use high quality machines and treat the entire surface of your upholstery.
  5. Post-cleaning Inspection: Ensuring every inch is impeccably clean.
  6. Quick-Drying Mechanism: We will do our best to speed up the drying process. Our cleaners will extract most of the moisture from the fabric.
  7. Client Satisfaction Walkthrough: Once we inspect the property and make sure everything is perfect, it will be your turn to give us your approval.

What Our Enfield Customers Says

“In all my years in Enfield, never have I come across such impeccable upholstery cleaning. It’s as if Cleaners Enfield gave my furniture a new lease of life!” – A Satisfied Enfield Resident

“Trust, reliability, and unmatched cleaning expertise. That’s what Cleaners Enfield brings to the table.” – A Loyal EN1 Client

Our Promise

Our viewpoint is inextricably tied with this lovely town, since we are located in the heart of Enfield. It’s a strong relationship, and we promise to preserve it by continuously providing great upholstery cleaning outcomes.

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