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Upholstery cleaning servicesSteam cleaning your sofa is the best thing you can do to preserve the aesthetic appearance and aroma of your favourite furniture. Cleaners Enfield is a leading upholstery cleaning company in London and our teams are provided with the latest equipment and natural cleaning reagents that easily remove all kinds of dirt, spores, dust mites, bacteria and grime from all types of upholstery. Steam cleaning is currently the best professional cleaning method and it will certainly clean your upholstery on the deepest level.

Re-upholstering is very expensive and you can look at cleaning as a cheaper alternative of that. Steam cleaning method is much better than dry cleaning, because we don’t have to use strong chemicals which aren’t eco-friendly and can easily damage the upholstery. The residue left from those chemicals can also cause allergies and threaten the health of your entire family, but there are no such problems with the steam cleaning technique!

Our teams prefer to use a multi-stage steam cleaning method that can be used on carpets as well. The stages are the following:

  • Vacuuming
  • Spraying the sofa
  • Rinsing the stains with biodegradable cleaning detergents
  • Running the steam cleaning machine
  • Re-treat strong stains
  • Deodorize the upholstery

This approach can be used on just about all sofa types, because it won’t damage even the finest and most sensitive tapestries like linen, suede, silk, velvet, Indian cotton etc.

The experienced cleaners we employ take care of the materials and are careful not to damage them with harsh chemicals. All of the products we use are manufactured by “Prochem” and are 100% eco-friendly, anti-allergic and safe. After we are done with the steam cleaning, we will remove any moisture so your sofa won’t be left soggy. You will be able to use them immediately after our treatment.

The lack of moisture eliminates the risk of distension and fabric shrinking. Our cleaning teams are equipped with a portable, powerful drying fan which will dry any sofa in a couple of minutes. Usually, steam cleaning removes almost all stains, but in case there are any left we will re-clean them. However, stains that don’t perish from the second cleaning are classified as permanent and we are not responsible for them.

We also apply the special “Scotchgard” protection application which reduces the chances of permanent stains. Applying similar protection to your sofa and having it regularly cleaned is the key to prolong its life and keep its good looks for a long time. This service is included in the price, there is no extra charging.

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